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Drink and Draw was a discussion and drawing based workshop that ran for 6 months at BOW ARTs. The workshops were facilitated by Mia Maxwell with expert speakers guiding specific discussions to the local audience and FEM ZINE followers. Participants would be encouraged to draw on the table as we discussed topics prompted by the speaker. 

Line up:


- Bilan sulliman: intersectionality, with specific reference to queer, femme, muslim, somali experience.

- Julia monae: chosen family, queer family and experiences over the christmas period (session in january)

- Sonic Gaze: on sound as a political medium, internet censoruship and asmr 

- Andriana lagoudes : deconstructing nationality, privilege and borders

- Rukiat ashawe: removing STIgmas surrounding sexual health

- Mia Maxwell: on BPD and diagnosis 

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